About Us

Welcome to DealScream! The rules are simple – if you’re looking for deals, poke around. If you find something here but also know there’s a better deal elsewhere, tell us about it. We’ll make sure to contact that merchant and get them into the DealScream nation. Our goal is to help you find the best deals; from restaurants to rowboats, from beauty salons to bicycles, we hope to match you with the merchant or service provider that makes the most economical sense for your budget. We can only do this if you help us reach businesses that are not in our system.

So how did this get started? At my house, we are freaks about frugality. Seriously! We clip coupons to save $10 from $100 of groceries. We comb the newspapers and internet for deals on clothes and shoes, and anything else we may need. We shop at discount stores and haggle for the best deal. You should too! Never pay full retail! It’s a new economy and there’s always a merchant down the road that will sell it for less. The trick is finding that merchant. That’s what DealScream does for you!

In the old open market days, a farmer would drive in from the countryside and set up a stall in the town square and start screaming what they’re selling and for how much. Another farmer comes in and sets up next to the first farmer and starts screaming the same thing, only a few cents less for a pound. But maybe the first farmer has better looking tomatoes and justifies the higher price. You choose which is the better deal!

Most of the merchants in this Site are independent stores or service providers. These are small businesses which form the backbone of our Country’s economy and the biggest jobs provider. You can shop at the big box stores but please reserve time and resources to look at the merchants in DealScream. After all, it’s about jobs.

BTW – the merchants in DealScream pay a dollar a day to subscribe. They’ll pay hundreds more if they advertise with those other search engines, using algorithms nobody understands. So we are doing our part to help them survive the new economy. You can help by patronizing their stores.